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Natural Healing

Supporting the body's ability to heal itself

wild herb naturopathy

Now offering naturopathic consults in-person and online. 

I completed a doctorate in Naturopathy in 2019, which was a capstone to many years of studying and integrating holistic practices into my clinical practice as a CNM. 

Naturopathy vs Functional Medicine

Traditional Naturopathy continues the practices of natural medicine that have been established and practiced for hundreds and thousands of years. Much attention is placed on observing features of the body that represent organ systems and even emotions. We see inherent constitutional types of people, and in discovering your constitutional type, we recommend time-tested energetic modalities to strengthen and balance you. Homeopathy and flower essences are common methods. Testing is done by conservative means, such as body pH and muscle testing. I find iridology to be a fascinating method of assessment. 

Functional Medicine is a holistic medical approach to healing. With it's underlying perspective that genetics influences biochemical pathways in the body, functional lab testing can detect specific issues that more common medical care would not detect. Targeting medical supplements to these disrupted pathways has significant therapeutic benefits. This can get expensive, however.

Both traditional naturopathy and functional medicine heal from the inside out, treat you as an individual with unique genetic predispositions, and work to support innate healing and detoxification systems in the body.

Booking naturopathic care

unraveling complicated problems with the body takes steps and time.

Initial consults last 90 minutes, with you completing detailed intake prior to the appointment.   This includes one follow-up visit. 

You are free to have just this one visit and follow-up, or continue care.

You can choose which modality you are seeking, such as homeopathy, or you can allow me to follow what I Feel is the best plan. 


I can help you regardless of your finances- I have no scheme to sell products.  


I do prescribe functional medicine supplements, but I give you access to a discounted rate on them, if you choose to purchase supplements.  

Sliding scale discount available, and I see foster children for free.