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Now attending homebirths in Atlanta

Home Birthing

Learn about Homebirth options.

Moonlight Midwifery

Now offering prenatal care, homebirth, and specialized midwifery services.

As the solo practitioner, I have a one-on-one relationship with you as your midwife, which is the only model of obstetric care that allows this beautiful continuity and the benefits it offers. you can have your own midwife!


Prenatal visits are done at my home office in Decatur, ga

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Safety of Homebirth

Did you know that homebirth is safe, and can be safer, than a hospital birth in the US? 

With a supportive midwifery model, you will be less likely to have medical interventions and a cesarean.

Safety is also dependent upon the skill of the midwife and the health of the mother. Staying within the proven standards for out-of-hospital birthing keeps mothers and babies safe. 

Practice Guidelines

As a "birth center midwife," I have been groomed to practice midwifery according to the respective evidence-based standards that accredited birth centers follow. The data of outcomes proves that when we follow these standards in keeping out-of-hospital birthing low-risk, we can achieve safe outcomes. I choose to follow these same standards and protocols that we adopted when we opened Atlanta Birth Center. It allows healthy collaboration relationships with obstetricians when needed.