Crystal Bailey

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Born & Raised

Crystal was born in California, raised in the Midwest (Ohio & Indiana), and has resided as an adult in the South (Tennessee & Georgia).  She has also lived in Africa three times (Uganda/Kenya, Malawi, S.Sudan). 

Currently in Atlanta, she calls Decatur home, and lives in a cute bungalow in the East Lake area, with a garden out back and pottery wheel in the basement. 


  •   Taylor University BA- Biology 2003
  •   ​Emory University BSN & MSN- Nursing & Midwifery 2007
  •   Trinity School of Natural Health ND- Doctor of Naturopathy 2019


After graduation as a Nurse Midwife, Crystal worked in Cookeville TN, attending hospital and birth center births. Thereafter, she followed her love for Africa and taught midwives for a year in Malawi and worked as a midwife in a Doctors without Borders hospital in South Sudan. In 2015, she returned and studied perinatal massage and worked briefly at Madisonville TN’s rural birth center. In 2016, Crystal returned to Atlanta to help open Atlanta Birth Center, and although she still remains involved and “fills in as needed,” she transitioned away to work with refugee women and took a midwife break (overnight baby nursing shifts were a break for her!). She finished a Doctorate in Naturopathy in 2019 and started doing private consultations. You’ll also find her occasionally teaching at Emory University, her alma mater. God has shown her once again that she is needed to attend women at birth. Moonlight Midwifery was opened in 2019, and Crystal is excited to be living out her lifelong dream of attending home-sweet-homebirth. 

Personal Life

Crystal’s hobbies include gardening, tennis, hiking, writing, pottery and traveling.  She has a cat, “Lizzie,” feeds the neighborhood cats, and has a dog-share with her family in Ohio… so you may get to meet “Mandy” the big black lab sometime if she is down south for the winter. Her Christian faith is important to her, and she has several Atlanta churches she church-hops between. Crystal also is involved in the foster community, and sometimes is a “respite foster mom,” which is why she has a “kids room” in her house. She admits she’s behind the curve on getting married and having her own kids, but that’s helped her be more available as a midwife, and besides, it’s a terrible profession to meet available men anyway. 


My Worldview, My Faith

To GOd be the Glory. I Love and serve because God first Loved me. I get tired, frustrated, and selfish, but caring for others and attending sacred birth, I reground myself, look up to GOd, and stop walking alone, because I can help others so much better when God guides me. 

Crystal Bailey

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About the Author

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People always ask...

How did you become a midwife and a naturopath? 

"I always felt a respect and fascination for nature and the human body. I believed in God's design and healing nature. So, when I decided not to go to medical school, it was because of that internal "check in my spirit" that I needed to learn more about natural healing. I looked at Naturopathic Medical Schools, but realized I wouldn't be licensed in any Midwest or Southern states. So, I ended up in Emory's NP program. During my nursing rotation through maternity, I read every sentence in the textbook because it was fascinating.. and that's why I made an impromptu decision to enroll in a profession I knew nothing about, haha! Midwifery! I guess it called me. (sorry, no romantic birth story). As it turns out, it's the perfect profession for respecting and honoring the natural ways of health. I started studying functional medicine and natural medicine during my early years of being a midwife. I enrolled in Trinity's Doctorate of Naturopathy distance-learning program so that I could learn more about traditional healing methods. I'd say that the Midwife and Naturopath have always been in me, and I have just acquired wall art to verify the degree. I never could have planned this course, because I didn't respect these professions at first- I was smart and should be a doctor, right?! But I'm grateful I am here, living life as a nurse, midwife, and naturopath!"

I Love to Teach!

You'll find me involved with midwife students in many capacities, whether it is simulating out-of-hospital births with midwifery students or running nursing maternity simulations, so I am often at my alma mater, Emory University. 

I enjoy having student midwives with me clinically, but for my private practice, I will be doing all of the care myself. 

The year I lived in Malawi I was midwifery faculty at the University of Malawi- that was full of many challenges and joys!

Currently, I'm trying to keep with times and develop digital teaching methods for clients and students. 

Personality- INFP. Calm and clear during crisis. Quiet leader. Teacher. Holds people to high standard, believes in human strength and resiliency. Problem solver. Patient. Intuitive. Smiler :-)

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